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Product Profile - Mills

Posted by Matthew Cooper on Aug 16, 2016 10:30:00 AM
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We have been designing & manufacturing Mills for many years and developed a wealth of knowledge to provide you with standard and bespoke designs, to suit a range of applications. All our Mills are machined and hardfaced in-house and we now hold machined blanks of common sizes to provide you with even shorter lead times. All Mills can be hardfaced using our specialised tungsten carbide inserts and backed up by our range of premium steel cutting grade composite rod, ‘SupaCutt’. This now includes the latest addition to the range, ‘SupaCutt Xtreme’.Some examples are:


Here we combined oval and rectangular inserts with SupaCutt Xtreme to produce a ‘Robust’ Mill. The hardfacing can be configured to overcome any milling challenge you may face.

Here is a larger version of the ‘Robust’ Mill design which also demonstrates the aggressive cutting structure of SupaCutt Xtreme.


If you need a Junk Mill, Taper Mill, String Mill or even a custom made Mill, please contact our sales team and we will ensure you can mill faster and longer!

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