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Start Ups And How We Have Helped Them

Posted by Matthew Cooper on Aug 22, 2016 8:30:00 AM
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Current market conditions and redundancies have led to many experienced people looking for new challenges and opportunities.  During these tough times it's more important than ever to reduce operation costs which has stimulated innovative thinking and people looking to carve out a niche in the market.

"Innovation" is the current buzz word.

This has led to new collaborations and the formation of start up companies wanting to make their ideas and dream into reality!  In order to do this they require investment as well as a competent, experienced and reliable supply chain - this is where Curring & Wear steps in.

At C&W we have been performing this role for many year looking after start up companies, many of which have grown to take a large market share and are key, loyal customers.  We under the struggle to start a company and turn it into a success. This is why we offer much more than just a manufacturing service.

Working closely with customers is key and at C&W we involve our customers from the initial design stage utilizing the skills and experience of our technical team, to the design manufacturing and hardfacing perspective. This collaboration also ensures a smooth manufacturing process resulting in greater cost efficiencies for the customer.

Parts are then manufactured in a timely manner to meet the required deadlines whilst producing the highest quality parts.  We have onsite testing and assembly facilities to ensure the prototypes are fit for purpose.  If necessary we can then modify these in house, again saving time and money.

A short case study about how we have helped Deep Casing Tools can be seen below:

Design Stage


Manufacturing Stage


Testing Stage



Aberdeen-based Deep Casing Tools first approached Cutting & Wear in 2008 having designed a new concept for the Oil & Gas market. They wanted to develop and manufacture the Turbocaser, a high-speed reaming system that enables drilling teams to land casings and intermediate liners at target depth. The design team at Deep Casing Tools were already familiar with Cutting & Wear’s capabilities from past experience and again requested our assistance with enhancing the design and manufacturing the prototypes.

An important feature of the tool was to ensure it could be drilled through in minutes after normal cementing. This presented the first challenge in finding a material that was drillable and suitable to manufacture. Several options were tested before finding the optimum choice to provide a suitable base material to apply our hardfacing technology, another key aspect to the success of this tool.

It wasn’t long before the design was agreed and we began to manufacture the first prototypes. Each time Deep Casing Tools tested the product, the results were fed back to Cutting & Wear and the design was modified to  optimise performance. Deep Casing Tools have had great success with this tool and have sold nearly 400 tools to date, winning many awards along the way.  As the volume of manufacturing increased, Cutting & Wear were able to increase efficiencies and lower costs, providing Deep Casing Tools with a greater competitive advantage.

This Reamer product presented many interesting challenges. However, through close cooperation and skilled design and manufacturing, Cutting & Wear were able to help enhance the success of the TurboCaser and bring this new product to the industry.”


For more information about Deep Casing Tools please see their website - Deep Casing Tools or email: [email protected] 


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