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TSP Xtreme - Makes the Difference Downhole

Posted by Matthew Cooper on Jan 21, 2016 10:34:49 AM
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Innovative Hardfacing technology TSP Xtreme overcomes tough drilling conditions to significantly increase run time whilst remaining in gauge where other Hardfacing had failed. An operator in the Adriatic sea was encountering very difficult drilling conditions making very slow progress. 

After including Franks’ anti-vibration tool in the drill string where they were then able to make good progress until the hardfacing wore out.  Both the operator and Franks were keen to keep using the tool and tried every Hardfacing, each time experiencing failure after a few hours until Franks tried TSP Xtreme...

The Challenge:

Very tough drilling conditions including Chert and Granite resulting in tool fatigue and failure.  Other hardfacing types have been used but were unable to withstand the tough conditions and were removed from the well under gauge.  In some cases, the hardfacing had been ripped off leaving the tool exposed and unusable.

The Solution:

 To help ensure the success of the operation Cutting & Wear redressed the 12-1/8” OD tools with our TSP Xtreme inserts.  The TSP Xtreme insert is intended for use in critical areas of the tool (Photo 1).


Given the extremely tough conditions already experienced our client opted for full blade coverage of TSP Xtreme. (Photo 2) 



The Result:

The tools performed their first run for 100 hours in tough conditions through Chert and Granite, drilling at a rate of 6 – 8 feet per hour when other Hardfacing had failed. After being removed from the hole and inspected the tools were still in gauge, as demonstrated in the picture. (Photo 4)


The tools were then run for a second time in the same conditions before again being pulled out and inspected.  Once again, inspection revealed very little tool wear and the tools were still in gauge. (Photo 5)


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